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For a number of years years this was the official website for the Sidewalk Angels Foundation. Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty and his wife, Marisol, established "Sidewalk Angels" whose purpose is to be the primary supporter and sponsor of a number of no-kill animal shelters and animal rescues, reflecting the passion of the foundation’s co-founders to fight for the rights and fair treatment of those with no voice. In addition the foundation supports a myriad of other causes, from childhood health and wellness to the fight against homelessness.

If you have inadvertantly ended up here, the current website for the Sidewalk Angels Foundation is found at:
or you can also visit:

Content is from the site's 2005-2010 archived pages, as well as from other sources.


What's Sidewalk Angels Foundation?

Established by Rob and Marisol Thomas, Sidewalk Angels Foundation is a New York-based non-profit organization that works hand-in-hand with charities in and around America's big cities. Life in the city can be so fast that those in need are often passed by. People who are destitute or homeless and get lost in the system; those who cannot afford proper medical care; animals that have been abandoned or abused -- these are universal problems that Sidewalk Angels encourages people to address locally.


Our first Sidewalk Angels benefit, held at the China Club, in New York CIty, was a great success. It not only helped us raise money but, just as importantly, it helped raise awareness of the great work that Pets Alive does. Thanks again to Jewel, Darryl, Rhett, and everyone who participated in making it such a special night. We look forward to many more, and we believe they'll only get bigger and better with time.


Inspired by the lyrics in Thomas’ evocative holiday2003 song “New York City Christmas,” Sidewalk Angels Foundation has since raised over a million dollars and helped organizations as diverse as Pets Alive, Blythedale Children’s Hospital, The Animal House in Jamaica and private individuals in need.

SPCA 2019 Gala Honoree-Sidewalk Angels Foundation


Firm in their belief that organizations deeply entrenched in their local communities are the ones best equipped to resolve those communities’ ails, the Thomases are dedicated to helping these grassroots organizations thrive. Sidewalk Angels Foundation selects recipients based on past program success, demonstrable use for future funds and resources, and a shared charitable philosophy.


rob and mari
Sidewalk Angels + Global Lyme Alliance

Founded by Sara Whalen and run by her and her "volunteer only" staff, pets Alive is a no-kill animal sancturary in Middletown, New York, where our non-human friends can go to be adopted or simply live out their days in the peaceful happy atmosphere provided for them. Whichever they choose. Because they are such a small organization and because every penny that goes into pets Alive goes straight to the animals, there isn't any money left over, for advertising campaigns, or gala fundraisers. Benefits that so many other larger organizations rely on to continue their work. The happiness of our friends here depends solely on the generosity of animal lovers like you. With your help, we can assure that they will not have to struggle through another year. Thanks for supporting what we believe is one of the most special places on earth, and please pass the word on.





Marisol and Rob Thomas Their Support |

Marisol and Rob Thomas have been Pets Alive biggest supporters for the past few years, and have also joined our Board of Directors. As a result of their support we have been able to save many animals, improve living conditions, hire extra staff and continue as a no-kill sanctuary. Without the support of Marisol, Rob, Matchbox 20 and their dedicated fans, Pets Alive might well have closed down in late December 2007 after the death of Pets Alive founder Sara Whalen.

We can tell you how much they do for us financially, but it goes much deeper than that. They offer encouragement and support. They encourage their fans to help us. They offer their own time (and Marisol's parents time!) here at the sanctuary and they have stepped up time and time again to host benefits or help with ones we are trying to run, or offer items for our auctions.

Rob and Marisol established the Sidewalk Angels Foundation, a non-profit organization created to aid those in need in and around AmericaÂ’s big cities – working with various charities to assist people who are destitute or homeless and get lost in the system; those who cannot afford proper medical care; and animals that have been abandoned or abused. Sidewalk Angels Foundation takes its name from the lyrics to Thomas ’ solo recording, “A New York Christmas.” A Sidewalk Angels have also helped Pets Alive, and this year presented us with a large 


2005 NEWS


Our site is finally up!

After months of getting everything together we are proud to launch the new Sidewalk Angels Foundation web site. We hope that you take some time to learn about Sidewalk Angels and continue to help us impact the lives of countless animals. 

We have also just finished a DVD:
TAILS TO REMEMBER is a short documentary featuring Rob and Marisol Thomas on their visit to Pets Alive, a no-kill sanctuary located in Middletown, NY. The film shares the compelling tales of several animals ranging from retired New York City carriage horses to abused and neglected dogs and cats from around the globe. The Pets Alive mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and place animals in need. Rob and Marisol have been actively supporting Pets Alive for several years, making many visits and donations to the organization. TAILS TO REMEMBER premiered at the Sidewalk Angels Benefit in New York City, intended to raise awareness and bring supporters closer to the cause. 

The film was directed by Gillian Grisman, who is also producing the forthcoming documentary about Rob Thomas during the making of his first solo endeavor, ...Something to Be.


2006 NEWS


It’s the 10th Anniversary of VH1 Save the Music!!

Click HERE to see Rob Thomas in a ‘VH1 Save The Music’ Public Service Announcement, where Rob discusses the importance of music education in our schools.



This heartfelt short documentary features Rob and Marisol Thomas on their visit to Pets Alive, a no-kill sanctuary located in Middletown, NY. The film shares the compelling tales of several animals ranging from retired New York City carriage horses to abused and neglected dogs and cats from around the globe. It makes a great gift and a big difference for Pets Alive! This DVD is available FREE with a donation of $25 or more. Pets Alive is currently accepting donations online via credit card or via personal check sent to Pets Alive.
Please go here for more info:


2008 NEWS


Sidewalk Angels Foundation Invites You To A Furry Tail Evening

To benefit and raise awareness for Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary
All proceeds go to Pets Alive Sanctuary

A Two Day Event Starting on Saturday October 25, 2008

Saturday October 25th @ 6:30pm

  • Cocktail Reception and Formal Dinner
  • Benefit Concert Starring Rob Thomas & Chris Daughtry
  • Silent Auction – to include Round Robin with Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf

$750 – per person
$7,500 per table
VIP Tickets: 
$2,500 – For two, includes meet and greet with Rob Thomas and Chris Daughtry
6:00-6:30pm*To buy tickets email Margaret:

Sunday October 26th

AM -Chance Of A Life Time
ONLY 6 Openings to PLAY ROUND ROBIN for 1 1/2 hours with Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf
How can YOU be one of those 6?
Give a $10,000 Donation (per person) – DONATE NOW!!
*To BUY NOW email Margaret:

October 25th Silent Auction Winners PLAY ROUND ROBIN for 1 1/2 hours
With Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf


  • Pets Alive
  • Saw Mill Club


2009 NEWS


Follow Sidewalk Angels Foundation on Twitter!

Sidewalk Angels Foundation is now on Twitter! Follow us to keep up with the latest news and information. You can find us on Twitter @sidewalkangels. And don’t forget to follow Rob @ThisIsRobThomas.


2010 NEWS


New Message from SWA President Marisol Thomas

Click hereto learn how your support has helped our human and furry friends alike this past year.



Sidewalk Angels Celebrity Emmy Gift Bag 2010 Auction

In honor of the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, Hollywood Baskets has generously donated a Celebrity Emmy Gift Bag 2010 valued at over $3K—which includes an SWA tee and thumb drive—for auction. As always, all proceeds for this auction will go directly to the charities we support. Auction ends September 6, 2010. Please click here for more information. Thanks in advance for your support!


Sidewalk Angels Raises Over $1000

Sidewalk Angels held our first unique Dubli auction, raising over $1000 to go to organizations in need. The winner will receive an outstanding package including airfare, hotel accommodations, VIP access and tickets to see Rob’s Las Vegas show on August 14, 2010. Thank you to everyone who made this auction a success, and congratulations to the winner!


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Now you can purchase a variety of Sidewalk Angels Foundation merchandise at our brand-new online store at Check it out!


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